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EV Powerlink: DC and AC Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Fast charge D.C. from 10kW to 250kW in 15 minutes
Fast charge A.C. from 2,3kW to 43kW in 30 minutes

The EV Powerlink is the recommended solution for achieving a station that combines the standards and Technologies of rapid charging compatible with all current electric cars and the next generation ones.

Its versatility is ideal in the presence of several electric vehicles sharing the same charging station or to offer a service charge to its employees / customers.

Its modular multi-standard compatible with CCS and CHAdeMO for a fast charge DC or with the Mode 3 Type 2 (EN61851-1) for charging AC.

Main features:

  • CCS (Combined Charging System) and CHAdeMO compatibility
  • EN61851-1 Standard compatibility for A.C. charge
  • Charging current fixed or chosen manually with 1A step-down
  • Credit card Payment
  • RFID authorization
  • PIN authorization
  • Stainless stell station
  • Quick installation
  • Aviable in several versions at customer request
  • A.C. Meter (Optional)

EV Powerlink: charging station for electric vehicles in the private field with Type 2 Cables

The EV Powerlink charging station is designed to charge electric vehicles in the public and private fields. It is available in several versions, therefore you can choose the configuration that is most suitable for you. The charging station is Mode 3 compliant (IEC 61851 International regulation). This means that the vehicle is charged in absolute safety, both for the batteries of the vehicle itself and for the users of the charging station. An adjustable 1A step-down charging current between 10A and 63A is the main feature of the station. It works both in single phase and three-phase, allowing slow and quick battery recharge. Furthermore limiting the amount of current drawn off is useful to avoid reaching the power limit of the meter. To recharge, simply connect the vehicle to the station through the original cable provided with the vehicle. In case you own a photovoltaic plant, Link-I3 is particularly functional as it allows to draw off power in relation to its production (Optional).

The EV Powerlink charging station is very easy to use: you simply need to connect the cable to the vehicle and the station.
This allows to create a communication with the vehicle charger. The goal is for the charging station to supply power only if the vehicle is correctly connected to it and to limit the amount of current drawn off to the maximum capacity of the vehicle charger. The cable may be connected first indifferently to the vehicle or to the station. The recharge stops automatically when the battery is completely charged. The power supply is then immediately disconnected. The charging power may be chosen from 10 A to 63 with 1A step-down using specific buttons.

Charging station MICRO EV powerlink for private use

Charging station EV powerlink super fast charger

Charging station EV powerlink for electric vehicles

Charging station EV powerlink for use in private areas